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Our Team

                        Founder, Kenneth Cole (Coach Kenny)

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                                                                          MY STORY


I made some bad decisions in the streets. I gave my parents problems as well as myself. Then I made a crossroad decision that I had to make about my life. I needed to stay active in something until I could make a better decision for myself. I started going to the boxing gym every day. My decision and dedication to boxing lead me to accomplish:


(2) Junior Olympic silver medalist

(5) City Golden Glove championships

(2) National Tournament championships

In 1987, I received a national invitation letter from the USA Boxing committee to try-out for the 1988 USA Olympic boxing team.


Afterwards, I fought professionally for one year, which ended due to health reasons.


However, I did not stop! I choose to give back to the community utilizing my boxing skills to coach and mentor youth. The coaches and mentors that were there for me during my childhood helped me stay focused on positive achievements. I want to give back to the youth what saved me from the streets. My coaches and mentors gave up some of their family time to sacrifice for me. I want the youth to experience having an extended family like I had. We need more caring adults, men, women, and young adults to mentor our youth. As I have experienced, this is one of the best ways to save our youth and help them become successful.


Bevo Boys mentoring program offers straightforward mentoring and life-skills training that will help youth make sound judgement decisions.

Coach Kenny brings over 30 years of experience to the organization.  He is a native Memphian and was a Golden Glove Amateur Champion in Memphis.  Coach Kenny was a 1987 USA Olympic trial qualifier and a former professional boxer.  Coach Kenny enjoys fishing, reading and keeping up with current events.  He spends his free time with his family and mentoring youth.


Robert Gooden

Coaching Instructor

Robert Gooden is a healthcare professional who believes in teaching the youth ways to establish and strengthen their physical and mental health through exercise. Developing and increasing their endurance, focus, and coordination are key factors. Robert believes that “Working with children provides me the opportunity to encourage and nurture the next generation of promising youth.”

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LeaRaya Cole

Program Manager

LeaRaya Cole has over 25 years of experience in management and keeps our office going and growing by overseeing all operations. Mrs. Cole enjoys gardening and exercising. We are delighted to entrust all our client services with Mrs. Cole.

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Tempia Waddell, LPC-MHSP

Professional Counselor

Tempia Waddell is a Tennessee board licensed psychotherapist. Ms. Waddell has spent a decade working with at-risk youth and families. Ms. Waddell enjoys exercising and playing music in her spare time. Ms. Waddell is the full circumference piece for BEVO and believes that “A youth’s self-esteem is the first  building block of their success.”  

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