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"Kenneth Cole has been a very important asset to the boxing community in Memphis. He grew up in Memphis and had a very successful career in boxing. At the conclusion of his boxing career Kenneth Cole decided to give back to the community. Kenneth Cole volunteers his own time by training and mentoring the youth in the community. He has been in the ring corner as a coach for the youth and in their corner as a life coach. Kenneth Cole has a huge heart and really cares about the youth in the city of Memphis. Anyone who has followed Memphis Boxing over the years knows the name "Kenneth Cole" and speaks very highly of him. Kenneth Cole has helped turn around many lives in the community and a lot of people credit him for that."

                                                                                         – Officer Reginald Foster, MPD Boxing Gym

"Coach Kenny is the reason I don't judge a book by its cover. He gave me attention that I wasn't getting from my father and because of Coach Kenny my confidence is higher. I can look in the mirror and say I am a champion. Coach Kenny is a great motivator, and he still motivate me to this date."

                                                                                          – Alex Brent, Former Mentee

"I truly appreciate and value everything that I learned from Coach Kenny. What I learned from him will forever be a contributor to my success in life because he believed in me and was there for me."

                                                                                    – Armand Davis, Former Mentee

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