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Be Empowered Victorious Ones.

We are Community Changers! 



Bevo Boys is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in Memphis, TN – BEVO is also an acronym for our motto: Be Empowered Victorious Ones. Bevo Boys is a boxing program primarily for youth who may be susceptible to at-risk behaviors that can lead to violence and juvenile delinquency.

In the Boxing Ring

Our Mission

“Teach basic boxing fundamentals to keep at-risk youth off the streets.”

Bevo Boys Fitness Academy strives to develop champion youth. Bevo Boys promotes empowerment, self-motivation and self-control by teaching basic boxing fundamentals to at-risk youth in our community. Bevo Boys Fitness Academy is committed to improving community relations, helping youth achieve their goals, improve educational outcomes and attainment.

Equipment: No Special Equipment Needed!

Boys and Girls, Ready to work it out? Enjoy a youth cardio boxing workout that includes a few short heart-pumping drills like shadow boxing, jumping, and punching drills. No special equipment is needed. You can still receive a solid work out by throwing light jabs into air and keeping your hands moving.

During your workout with Coach Kenny, students will learn boxing techniques such as defense, blocks, footwork, pad work, heavy bag work, self-defense, social skills, bully prevention, and these techniques will help build youth's confidence mind, body, and soul.

Participants will learn not just boxing techniques but will develop themselves mentally and use their newly acquired discipline to redirect the course of their lives in a positive way. The structural training will help participants find new confidence in themselves.

Parents, it is easy to let video games be the answer to keeping the children occupied. But what if you could transform that screen time into something that would give them confidence, boost their immune system, keep them fit, and give them the tools to succeed in life?

The good news is Bevo Boys Boxing Academy is available Monday – Thursday to support youth's personal development.  We provide a hands-on approach to keeping children engaged with one another and help them to Be Empowered Victorious Ones. 

We are here to help support youths’ self-confidence to lead, stay focused and learn self-discipline skills that will produce success in your child's life. 

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